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Track member journeys

Resamania offers so much more than you’d expect from a member database. Beyond allowing you to capture contact details and other personal information, our solution lets you track the entire member journey.

Providing a 360° view of each member that’s always up-to-date, you’ll be able to access all the information you need for daily management. Including: Memberships held, access & privilege rights, purchases, Direct Debit payment status, family & friends linked, bookings and attendance information, recency & frequency of visits, outstanding payments.

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Effective engagement with timely, targeted marketing

Working in powerful combination with your member database, marketing automation features within Resamania help drive acquisition, engagement and retention for your business.

Automatically segment, target and reach prospects & current members at critical points in their journey with personalised emails and text messages.


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Flexible schedule management – location, activity and trainer

Create a weekly schedule which can be replicated over a specific period. A recurring schedule is automatically created according to your desired frequency. You can add any one-off sessions as needed.
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Configure booking rules to suit the memberships you offer

Easily set your operating rules: limit the number of bookings per day/week/month for an activity or a type of membership, manage waiting lists, set deadlines for cancellations and bookings, define the membership type required for an activity, debit membership points from session logs based on activity type, etc.

Resamania offers a flexible range of options for controlling bookings.

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Let members book online

Members can book online using any device – desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can also allow members to manage their account conveniently online – from purchasing memberships to updating their personal information.

For indoor cycling or other group classes, Resamania can even be configured to let members choose a specific bike​​mat or space in the gym. Simply use the modelling functionality to create a seating plan for a class.



Resamania Fitness Gym Payments Full Services
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Take the hassle out of membership payments

Our full managed membership payments service allows you to focus on more rewarding activities. Our proven approach to Direct Debit collections and our expert team will take care of all the admin work, chase late payments and handle member payment queries on your behalf.

By partnering with us for membership payments you’ll benefit from real-time member payments data – cutting reconciliation work and ensuring you can always access up-to-date member information.


Facilitate online joining, sales and payments

Our online joining functionality integrates seamlessly into your website – allowing members to sign up on any device, at any time.

Our online member portal lets members redeem session bookings, buy goods/services, catch up on failed Direct Debit payments and update bank details.

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Centrally record sales across your business

Choose to use a simple sales channel or set up a more complex procedure for opening and closing cash registers to monitor cash sales and bank deposits. Or, opt for a touchscreen cash register to manage the drawer and receipt printing.
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Take control of your stock

Track the journey and levels of all products that need inventory management, from water bottles to unassigned membership cards.


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Manage opening hours and restricted areas

Instantly understand average visitor numbers by choosing entries & exits to your sites.
Turnstile fitness gym

Control turnstiles, locker/changing room doors, parking barriers, lifts etc.

Easily manage all access areas across your premises: locks, gates, turnstiles and lifts.
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Choose your technology: RFID cards or QR codes

Resamania integrates with key technologies. Take advantage of smartphone QR code technology to eliminate the need for cards. Members will gain access through a unique dynamic QR code.
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Resamania - Dashboard
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Access management dashboards

As standard, Resamania offers 2 types of dashboards:

  • Continuous and compared financials
  • Member journeys and conversion rates.

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Export all the data you need for customised reporting

Choose from over 40 export files based on the information you need on your members, sales activity or visits. Export data in Excel format. Create reports to provide insights for strategic decisions.