Biometric reader

The biometric reader prevents fraud that can be linked to lending of member badges. To comply with the CNIL, fingerprints are not recorded by Resamania or any other software you use. Fingerprints always remain the possession of their owner. Our biometric solution makes it possible to assign a fingerprint directly to a badge (wristband or…

lecteur rfid mural extérieur resamania

Outdoor RFID reader

With its casing designed for surface-mounted installation on a wall or the frame of a door, waterproof and equipped with highly visible red / green signage, the reader finds its place at the entrance of all fitness clubs.

Résamania - GANTNER GAT ACCESS 6150

Gantner GAT 6150

The GAT 6150 reader is the latest addition to the Gantner family of products for swimming pools, gyms, fitness clubs and other recreational facilities where showers are provided. The water supply is controlled by a relay output, and the meter is installed directly in the wet area of ​​the shower. The meter display shows the…

Résamania - GANTNER GAT ACCESS 6100

Gantner GAT 6100

The GAT 6100 is an RFID reader with integrated LCD display. It controls access to gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools or even spas. Activation of turnstiles, gates, etc. occurs via the relay output.

lecteur assignateur resamania logiciel pour salle de sport

RFID reader

The RFID reader replaces the barcode reader with an advanced RFID solution. Typical uses include the management of objects, tracking and quick reading of loyalty cards, membership cards, etc. Completely emulating a USB keyboard, the RFID reader is immediately operational, without having to install any driver or specific software.